& recommandations

In order for your children to get the most out of their class, please think about :
  • Equip them properly: raincoat, mittens, glasses, sunscreen, handkerchiefs, ...
  • Label their clothes and skis
  • Avoid attending classes with your child and challenging your child during class,
  • Inform us of any health problems your child may have,
  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended for all children on the slopes
  • It is up to the instructors to decide whether or not to change classes,
  • Remember that child is on holiday and the aim is for him or her to have fun and want to come back. So respect their rhythm and don't try to make them a champion before their time! 

For a good functioning of the courses thank you to respect the following rules:
  • You must have your lesson card or ticket with you at the start of the group or private lessons,
  • Present to the instructor at the beginning of each lesson the ticket corresponding to the day and time,
  • Each course card is granted on a personal basis,
  • Show up on time at the start of the lessons, groups or individuals: any delay is included in the lesson,
  • Have a lift pass to take the classes,
  • Be properly equipped and covered,
  • The school declines all responsibility for damage to property or injury to students,
  • The school reserves the right to cancel or regroup its courses if the number of students is less than 4,
  • Weather conditions, lift breakdowns or other accidents cannot be attributed to the school. Consequently, no cancellation or postponement of lessons is possible
  • The school does not insure students, we advise you to take the Carré neige insurance.